Wednesday, October 29, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: Pablo Ozuna

Card #37 - Pablo Ozuna

Pablo did everything to stay on the club, but someone had to be the odd man out. When he was released from the White Sox in July 2008, he had been having a pretty average season as a super-sub utility infielder. He stepped up when Joe Crede started to have problems, but ultimately lost to Juan Uribe at third.

With one or two options blocking Pablo at his three infield positions, the Sox had no choice but to release him. Ozuna quickly signed on with the Dodgers and had moderate success with them in 2008. Pablo was an imortant part of the 2005 World Champion White Sox team.

I love this photo of Pablo. It shows the enthusiasm that he can have on the field. He played with no regard for his own safety in pursuit of the ball. I think the Sox squeezed all the potential from Ozuna before they let him go.

Still, he keeps getting involved in special moments that keep the ballclub moving forward. I like the "look what I have" pose that Pablo displays in the photo.

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