Thursday, October 16, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: DeWayne Wise

Card #35 - DeWayne Wise

DeWayne surprised a lot of people in 2008. Once considered an afterthought as a fifth outfielder, DeWayne showcased his fielding skills and timely hitting. When the big names falter, the rest have to step up. Wise has stepped up beyond his expectations.

During the 2008 ALDS, DeWayne provided the majority of the offense, which is remarkable on a team with Thome, Griffey and Konerko. Wise is a gamer, who is not afraid to give it his all. It may seem a stretch, but the White Sox may not have made the postseason in 2008 without the contributions of Dewayne Wise.

I chose this photo of DeWayne because he is completely in midair, in the beginning stages of catching a ball that is a few feet from him. It reminds me of a Chicago legend that once tried playing for the White Sox.

I certainly hope that Dewayne will find a spot on the 2009 team. In my opinion, he certainly earned it with his 2008 season.

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