Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Will One Of These Be In My Future?

I bought four team slots in an upcoming box break of Donruss threads. I was randomly picked the Twins, Giants, Nationals, and Reds. I traded the Twins for the White Sox.

Will I get a Shoeless Joe Jackson card? I hope I get at least the base common card. What would I do if I got the Shoeless Joe memorabilia card? I honestly don't know what I'd do. Maybe I'd run screaming into the night with joy. Maybe I'd faint. Maybe I'd shriek some high pitched shrill tone. I just don't know.

I fell very short of my 2008 goal, which was to get the first Shoeless Joe bat card into my possession. It wasn't lack of trying. It was lack of funds. It has moved to my long term goal list.

Now, I'm hearing that 2008 Donruss Threads has been sold out and oversold. I'm hoping that this doesn't mean that I'll be left out in the cold. If it does, I can live with that, just not as well as I could have. Still it should be interesting to see what pops up in my four teams.

White Sox: I'm hoping for Shoeless Joe, but who knows.

Giants: Unless something blows me completely away, enough to ensure a huge sale, these are all going to The Nennth Inning for some random White Sox cards. For some reason, I can't add The Nennth Inning to the Long & Winding Blog. I've been trying for months and it won't take.

Nationals: I'm not really hoping for Nationals here. I'm hoping for some good old fashioned Expos from this slot.

Reds: There are many players that would make this slot cool, but I'm hoping to get a prickly thorn named Rose. I figure that if a Pete Rose is pulled, I have a two out of three shot at it. The odds might be slightly higher with the Reds as one of my teams.

Will all four teams be a bust? I certainly hope not. The odds are in my favor to get at least one decent pull. I wouldn't hold my breath on that though. Regardless of what I obtain from the box break, it will definitely be interesting. I just know that I'll miss out on Carlton Fisk, since I didn't pull the Red Sox. Oh well. There's always the secondary market.


Captain Canuck said...

I got two teams in that same bust... the Cardinals and the Diamondbacks. Have since traded Arizona for Toronto.
wish I could've got the Braves though...

Flash said...

Mattingly cards from this set are already on eBay.

Steve Gierman said...

The first Shoeless Joe bat card sold for $500.

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