Friday, October 31, 2008

A Treat From Dan

This little beauty of a package came in this morning's mail. It was small and mysterious. Inside was only 11 cards, but they were all winners!

Dan from Saints of the Cheap Seats has put together two packages for me now. Each have been special in their own way. This might not seem like a lot, but this tiny package packs quite a wallop!

Inside were treasures from the nineties all the way until today. Some familiar faces. Some not so familiar cards. And a lot of great memories.

Let's dig in!

1990 Leaf #405 - Ron Kittle
I love Kitty! Those rooftop shots were awesome!

1992 Bowman #614 - Scott Cepicky FOIL
Ended up on the Twins. Lost track of him after that.

1993 Bowman #364 - Jason Bere FOIL
So much potential. They should have shut him down at the first sign of trouble.

1993 Flair Wave Of The Future #1 - Jason Bere
See above statement.

1994 SP #192 - Jack McDowell
Mr. Rock N' Roll Cy Young award winner!

1997 Donruss Elite Gold Stars #142 - Alex Fernandez
So good. So what happened?

2001 Topps Chrome #341 - Ray Durham
Stop! In the name of love! Weird, I just picked the sister card for the card spotlight this morning.

2006 Bazooka Blue Fortune #2 - Scott Podsednik
FORTUNE: Collect all 220 of Bazooka Joe's Favorite Players.
That's not a fortune. That's an advertisement.

2007 Artifacts #85 - Jerry Owens
I'm looking for buried treasure! Maybe some Kraft dinner would help.

2007 Bowman Heritage #21 - Mark Buehrle
Awesome vintage looking card of Mark.

2008 Finest 33 - Jermaine Dye
Oooo! Shiny JD!!

Thanks, Dan! That was a great package of cards! A nice treat for Halloween!

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