Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How The Cookie Crumbles

With the announcement of Mother's Cookies shutting its doors, everyone has been looking back at past releases of thier baseball card issues. I never collected any. They were great pieces of unusual, well-made slices of the West Coast and Texas. If I would have been older in the eighties and early nineties, I probably would have been collecting them with my first real job. By the time I got something that paid more than a paper route, baseball cards had passed me by.

These are great looking cards, that would focus on West Coast and Texas teams and players. They certainly got my attention during my second wave of collecting (1990 - 1994), but my crappy K-Mart overnight stocker job wouldn't come until November 1994. This was after I was disillusioned by the strike and focused my attention on other things, such as music and dating.

When I got back into full time collecting, in 2007, I narrowed my focus down to just White Sox players, featured in a White Sox uniform or listed as being on the team. I never got a chance to really sink my teeth into one of these sets. My tastes never matched what they were selling (baseball card-wise) or my income was virtually non-existent, when this would have been the perfect appetizer.

Goodbye Mother's Cookies. You will be missed.

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