Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Collective Troll 6: Odds N' Ends

You think by now, I would have run out of White Sox materials to pull out of the Collective Troll box. You'd be wrong.

I've debated for two weeks on how exactly I was going to present the odds and ends of the box. The stuff that just couldn't fit with any other post. I decided to just lump them together in a big coverall post.

Pieces of metal and paper and plastic all with their own specific distinction are listed here, simply because they had no place else to be. I will take in these last refugees of the pale hose and give them a decent home, where they will be lovingly displayed for the rest of my life.

The listing that follows was put together with the utmost care. I wish I had the picture space to show everything, but I want to be able to still post pictures next year. This box goes out with not a whimper. Nay! It goes out with a bang!

1976 Isaly's Discs
Carlos May

1981 Donruss
158 - Jim Morrison (autographed)

This Date In Chicago White Sox History
by Art Berke & Paul Schmitt

1983 "1969" MLBPA Pins
Nellie Fox

1983 Topps
362 - Bill Almon (autographed)

1986 Drakes Panels
Harold Baines (Rose, McGee, Murray)

1994 Beckett
106 - Frank Thomas cover
116 - Frank Thomas/Ken Griffey Jr. cover

1995 Tuff Stuff
Sept. '95 - Frank Thomas cover (and Thomas Leaf ad back!)

1996 White Sox Spring Training Program

1997 Donruss Preferred Tin
Albert Belle

1997 Spring Training Schedule & 40 Man Roster List

1997 Starting Lineup Figure
Frank Thomas (mint in package)

A White Sox logo baseball (in package)

Thank you so much!! I cannot begin to express my gratitude for these White Sox treasures! I am officially done with the Collective Troll box. This has been a fun experience and one that I will never forget!

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