Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not So Average Trade

When I was in high school, I drew a comic panel (one panel does not make a strip) called The Average Joe. It included scenes that were out of left field. Every time I read The Average Joe, I am reminded of that comic panel.

Why do I mention The Average Joe? Simple. A package arrived in yesterday's mail from the proprietor of that site. It is a nice break from the behemoth box that I am still sorting through from another kind and generous soul.

I a well protected package, I received a handful of White Sox cards and a few Ryne Sandberg cards that I am collecting for my friend. Some I needed, others I didn't, but all are appreciated.

Let's dig in!

1989 Bowman
62 - Carlton Fisk
72 - Harold Baines

1989 Donruss
58 - Melido Perez

1992 Score
347 - Ken Patterson

1992 Ultra
40 - Jack McDowell

1994 Topps
384 - Frank Thomas AS

1998 Collector's Choice
21 - Frank Thomas CL
62 - Jeff Abbott

2000 Upper Deck
77 - Ray Durham

Ryne Sandberg cards
1987 Topps #680
1988 Topps #10
1990 Donruss #105
1990 Donruss #692 AS
1991 Donruss #433
1991 Fleer #431
1991 Topps #7 RB
1992 Donruss #576
1992 Stadium Club #50

Autographed Surprise!!!
1992 Upper Deck
7 - Roberto Hernandez

Thank you, Joe!! That was great. Especially the Roberto Hernandez. That is the first card that I have signed by him, amazingly. I actually found a framed autographed picture of him at a Salvation Army store a few years ago for five dollars. I thought that was an great find. I think that this tops that.

Thanks also for the contributions to the Sandberg collection that I am putting together for my good friend.

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I Am The Average Joe said...

anytime man, glad i could help. i'll keep my eyes peeled for anything else you need. knew you'd like that hernandez

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