Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Collective Troll 2: El Capitan

Another few pages from the Collective Troll box, were filled with Ozzie Guillen as a player. It's very interesting to see, through cards, the transformation of Ozzie. From a young player who took Rookie of the Year honors to the "El Capitan" years to the end of his White Sox playing career. It also amazed me to see that Donruss captured him in some grand gesture or temper tantrum in almost every base card.

I don't think I had this much Ozzie when he played, so this makes up for years neglected. This collection pretty much covers his entire White Sox playing career. It's a nice retrospective.

As Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees" plays on shuffle through the iPod, let's list the Ozzie Guillen cards.

1986 Donruss #208
1986 Topps #254
1986 Topps All-Star Glossy #58

1987 Donruss #87
1987 Topps #89

1988 Topps #585

1990 Leaf #128
1990 Topps #365
1990 Upper Deck #267

1991 Donruss #577

1992 Leaf #149
1992 Stadium Club Dome #72
1992 Topps #210

1993 Topps Gold #474

1994 Leaf #107
1994 Score Gold Rush #93
1994 Stadium Club #389

1995 Collector’s Choice Silver Signature #494
1995 Fleer #118
1995 Leaf #117
1995 Pinnacle #107
1995 Select #185
1995 Score Gold Rush #428
1995 Studio #157

1996 Donruss #509
1996 Fleer #66
1996 Pacific #286
1996 Stadium Club #117
1996 Starting Lineup
1996 Upper Deck #41
1996 Upper Deck #206

1997 Collector’s Choice Team #CW11
1997 Score #160
1997 Ultra #39

1998 Score #62

And if I could be who you wanted
If I could be who you wanted
All the time, all the time

Ozzie helped bring a World Series championship to Chicago. That's all I could ever want, when these cards were produced. More cards from the box later.

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Motherscratcher said...

Check out Fake Plastic Trees on an album called Unplugged Again. It's outstanding. The whole album is great.

Well, half of it is. The other half is so poorly produced that it's tough to listen to. But if you're a Radiohead fan you won't be disappointed.

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