Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Return Of The Stealth Gifter

In the cover of daylight, a gifter strikes. Sometime during the afternoon hours, he leaves packages on my windowsill unannounced. When will the stealth gifter appear again? How about today.

When mysterious packages are placed upon my windowsill, only one man could be responsible... John of Johngy's Beat! Of course today would be the perfect day for this to happen. It's only been a few days since I hooked John on my new Facebook White Sox application.

Enjoy some 70's White Sox greatness. Take care.

And some 70s White Sox greatness I shall enjoy! Just when I think that John couldn't possibly be generous enough to gift again, poof, another package appears. This time the contents are from a lifetime ago. My lifetime to be exact. I was a bicentennial baby and all of these cards are from 1975 and 1976.

Let's dig in!

1975 Topps
110 - Wilbur Wood
276 - Chuck Tanner
313 - Terry Forster (Firemen Leaders)
327 - Jerry Hairston
614 - Jack Kucek (Rookie Pitchers)
619 - Nyls Wallace Rex Nyman (Rookie Outfielders)
653 - Lee Richard

1975 Topps Mini
59 - Ken Henderson
82 - Pat Kelly
110 - Wilbur Wood
137 - Terry Forster
161 - Stan Bahnsen
184 - Jorge Orta
219 - Ed Herrman
243 - Jim Kaat
276 - Chuck Tanner
299 - Bucky Dent
313 - Terry Forster (Firemen Leaders)
327 - Jerry Hairston
338 - Rick Stelmaszek
348 - Tony Muser (2)
422 - Brian Downing
446 - Bart Johnson
504 - Buddy Bradford
528 - Eddie Leon
572 - Roger Nelson
614 - Jack Kucek (Rookie Pitchers)
619 - Nyls Nyman (Rookie Outfielders)
624 - Jim Otten (Rookie Pitchers)
634 - Cy Acosta
653 - Lee Richard

1976 Topps
23 - Brian Downing
180 - Rich Gossage
368 - Wilbur Wood
391 - Jery Hairston
413 - Pete Varney
464 - Ken Henderson
488 - Claude Osteen
513 - Bart Johnson
560 - Jorge Orta

Thanks, John! I can't believe I'm one card away from completion of the 1976 Topps set. I am so much closer to the end of each of the 1975 Topps sets too. I can't begin to thank you enough. Your generosity is stupendous!

Some of you eagle-eyed observers may have discovered one oddball card in the listings. It is not a White Sox player. It is a Cubs player.

For those of you who may not be aware, I helped John with a "Cards That Never Were" project on Rick Stelmaszek. I take great pride in being able to bring to reality an injustice to a player who was robbed of a card. It's that spirit that will always keep the mini card of Stelmaszek in a special place in my collection.


Johngy said...

Hey Steve,
Very happy to help with 2 of my favorite sets.
I love the Varney card, because I am fairly sure that is Carlos May in the background.
The mini-Stelmaszek was for fun.
By the way, in case you missed it, I did a little post on your FB app. on my site today.
Glad you enjoyed and yes, more cards will appear at some future point.

night owl said...

Holy smokes, look at all those '75 minis. That's one of the greatest card trade lists I've ever seen!

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