Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pondering Peavy

I'm in a Tarantino mood, but as I'm sitting here with my adult beverage, that being a Kahlua White Russian, I feel more like the Dude.

I'm not drowning my sorrows, but I should be after tonight's inexcusable loss to the Red Sox. It figures on the exact night that the offense shows up, the pitching is stuck in transit between Chicago and Boston.

The pitching woes can be summed up in one play. The swinging bunt. If Jose Contreras picked up the ball, at any time, the damage wouldn't have happened. If Contreras let the ball go through to a waiting Konerko, the massacre of that inning would have been nonexistent.

Instead, Contreras opted to swipe unsuccessfully at the ball and fall down in front of Konerko, impeding the ball's natural movement towards Paulie. Everything that can go wrong in an inning, went wrong for the White Sox in that inning. It will be shown for years to freshly signed players, serving as a warning of what could happen if they don't prepare.

Stick a forkball in Contreras. He is done. Jose was sent to the bullpen, after the game. This leaves the door open for an early Sox debut of Jake Peavy on Saturday against the Yankees and C.C. Sabathia. Will Peavy be ready? The answer should be known within 24 hours.

Let's hope that "Big Game" Freddy Garcia shows up. If the Sox need to go to the bullpen early another night, they are finished on the road trip. No matter what happens, expect Garcia to be out there at least six innings. What would be nice would be seven or more innings from Sweaty Freddy.

I'll finish my Dude drink and ponder the fate of the White Sox over the next week. With the Twins winning their game and Detroit close to winning theirs, this week should be very interesting.


deal said...

semi-related Are you going to the Chicago Lebowskifest?


Steve Gierman said...

Well, you see, there's this temporary cash flow problem. As much as I'd like to help out, I'll have to pass this year.

I'm hoping to attend next year's festive festivities.

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