Friday, November 26, 2010

3rd Anniversary Swag: Night Owl Cards

Between my mysterious leg pain and a long time friend's hospitalization for his own leg pain (not related pain, but in the same leg), posting has been erratic. Come to think of it, when is it not on this blog? The holiday also played havoc with the blog.

Two packages arrived in the past week. The first to arrive was a package from Night Owl. It was chock full of goodness!

The first card to capture my attention was a minor league card of former White Sox phenom, Dave Gallagher. I noticed it because he was in a Maine uniform, which I did not recognize as a White Sox minor league association of the mid-eighties. It turns out that this card was a minor league All-Star card from 1985 and that Maine was the AAA affiliate of the Cleveland Indians. This isn't a card that I would ever seek out for myself, since it isn't a White Sox affiliate and doesn't fit into a player category, but the card itself is so cool, that I am really proud to have it in my collection.

Even that was trumped by the card of the package; a 2010 Topps Carlton Fisk short print card! That finally completes my team set! Yay!

An interesting array of cards followed. Many shiny cards and tricky parallels were beyond. Even a small cache of Tom Seaver Pacific cards. Really top notch stuff!!
Thanks, Greg! These were awesome! Someday, when you least expect it, there will be cards from me in your mailbox.

1 comment:

night owl said...

Those cards were waiting patiently for a long time to be sent to their rightful destination. So glad they're being enjoyed!

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