Sunday, November 28, 2010

Plaschke, Thy Trade Is Awesome

I'm always surprised by the cards that aren't mentioned in a trade. The one card that I did trade for, the 2010 Allen & Ginter Gordon Beckham card, completes that team set for me. The others are just gravy, but unlike real gravy, these don't contain a bunch of empty calories.

When I reached an agreement with Greg of Plaschke, Thy Sweater Is Argyle (one of the most original names I've seen for a card site in a long time), I knew there were a handful of White Sox cards thrown in, but I had no idea what. I could wax poetic about Gordon Beckham, but I'll choose to focus on a few of the throw ins.

Few people realize that Bob Wickman started out in the White Sox organization. I still think it was a mistake to put Bob Wickman in a trade with Melido Perez and Domingo Jean to the Yankees for Steve Sax. Sax really did nothing to warrant the hefty price, while he was on the Sox. Wickman had a long career after leaving the Pale Hose. It's always strange to see Wickman in a Sox uniform. It leaves me pondering what could have been.

Dave Stegman is funny to me because my White Sox loving friend, who is in a garage band with me is named Dave Stedman. It cracks me up when I run across one of Dave's White Sox cards. I don't think I would have the stones to not sign three times, when drafted, and wait until a team picked me in the first round. Considering how Dave's career panned out, he's got the biggest pair I've ever heard about.
The rest of the package contained Ozzie Guillen, Greg Hibbard, Lance Johnson, Bobby Thigpen, and a few others that I grew up watching. I might not have needed every single card, but I definitely appreciated them.

Thanks, Greg! I think our first trade was a complete success. I look forward to trading again in the future.

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Greg Zakwin said...

Glad you enjoyed the cards Steve! Thanks a bunch again, I'll be sure to set aside any White Sox stuff I think would be of interest to you.

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