Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cards That Never Were By Tim D

I suppose myself and a handful of other bloggers have inspired others to make their own interpretations of missing or neglected cards. I, for one, think this turn of events is awesome! It just goes to show that you can't keep a good person down, if they want to see something badly enough.

The following cards were submitted to me by "Tim D". The first pair that showed up in my e-mail inbox showcased a grievous error by Topps. Rusty Staub did not appear in the 1972 Topps set.

Rusty, known as "Le Grand Orange" in Canada, was even denied an O-Pee-Chee card in 1972. I'm unsure as to why he was left out. He had played injured plenty of times and spent most of July and all of August 1972 out with a hand injury. Perhaps Topps felt that he would not make it back before the end of the season. Another theory may involve an unsigned contract for the 1972 season. These are all just speculation though.

Now, thanks to Tim D, we can see what those Rusty Staub cards might have looked like.
Rusty was traded from the Montreal Expos to the New York Mets on April 5, 1972, so Tim D included a regular issue Expos card and a Traded Mets card.

The next card isn't technically missing from Topps 1976 set, but an updated card was made.
Willie Randolph was featured on a four way rookie card in the regular set and had a Traded card in a Yankees uniform in 1976. This awesome update gives Willie a standalone card with a great smile included at no extra charge.

Thanks Tim D! You do great work!


Johngy said...

Great job.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading somewhere that Rusty had a complaint against Topps for a couple of years, and that's why he was left out of the sets.

gcrl said...

nice. saves me the trouble of making those staub cards. he did get two cards in the 1971 o-pee-chee set - check out a week from today to see.

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