Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Top Of Topps White Sox: 1971 - 1980

1971 - Jerry Crider
This card captured my interest so much I had to find out who Jerry Crider was.

1972 - Bart Johnson
Leaning to the right, Bart seems unsure of what lies beyond the camera.

1973 - Johnny Jeter
There's no crying in baseball, but apparently hard bowel movements are just fine. This card has been scaring children for nearly forty years.

1974 - Bucky Dent
A card so good that Topps chose the same action shot for Robin Ventura nearly twenty years later.

1975 - Bart Johnson
The best slumber party ever!

1976 - Jerry Hairston
Those pajamas look awfully comfortable!

1977 - Chet Lemon
"Yeah, I got the rookie cup. What are you gonna do about it?"

1978 - Steve Stone
"Uh.. so look uh, if you're date don't work out tonight for any reason uh, there's a motel up on the interstate, uh maybe we could say uh meet.. around uh midnight?"

1979 - Bob Molinaro
"Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! I'm headed to first!"

1980 Topps - Ralph Garr
The roadrunner is a complete bad-ass!


Mariner1 said...

I have to admit I love the variety of uniforms the White Sox have worn over the years. That's what make these posts of yours great.
I'm thinking I could do the same idea for the Mariners on my blog, with your blessing of course. You would get full credit for the idea. Maybe I could start with Topps, and then move to the other makers of cards...

Steve Gierman said...

You have my blessing! I love those old Mariners uniforms! :-)

Johngy said...

I can't argue against your choices, but I loved the Mike Andrews 1973 and the Eddie Leon 1974 cards. Two Bart Johnson cards...I really liked Bart.

Steve Gierman said...

Believe me, those two cards were very late cuts! If the Mike Andrews 73 picture had been on the 72 card, it would have made it. I couldn't pass up the opportunity of Bucky Dent and Robin Ventura having nearly identical pictures on Topps cards. :-)

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