Monday, November 8, 2010

The Tops Of Topps White Sox: 1951 - 1960

1951 - Eddie Robinson
Eddie's smiling face is the image that I instantly recall when I think about this set.

1952 - Minnie Minoso
Minoso's card in the '52 set stands out among the other fine examples.

1953 - Bob Keegan
The determination on Bob's face sets him apart from the other head shots.

1954 - Don Johnson
How can one resist the charms of that face? Bewildered and confident all at the same time!

1955 - Ed McGhee
I got it! Wait, do I have it? Yes. Yes I do. Priceless moments all on one card!

1956 - Jim Rivera
Conventional wisdom says to pick the Aparicio rookie. No, I say! Check out the crowd and a leaping Rivera on this card!

1957 - Larry Doby
A sweet swing captured for the ages!

1958 - Luis Aparicio
The look of confidence sells this one for me. Hopeful and confident!

1959 - Nellie Fox
Nellie might be pondering the team's chances for the '59 season. I say their chances are awesome!

1960 - Early Wynn
Captured in finest form on card one!

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