Monday, November 15, 2010

The Tops Of Topps White Sox: 1981 - 1990

Beginning in 1981, there were more card companies. A trend that would continue to grow over the next few decades. More competition led to more releases by each company. There were some iconic cards in the traded set, but this list sticks to the base sets.

1981 - Harold Baines
An iconic rookie card.

1982 - Carlton Fisk
His first year in the Topps regular base set as a White Sox features this awesome diving card!

1983 - Tom Paciorek
A mighty swing by Wimpy and a thoughtful portrait make this card the perfect juxtaposition.

1984 - Ron Kittle
Nothing optimizes eighties baseball cards quite like Ron Kittle's aviator glasses. They were so fashionable, that I had a prescription pair.

1985 - Harold Baines
1985 Topps was all about the historic subsets. This awesome early picture of Harold was my chase card as a kid.

1986 - Ozzie Guillen
Ozzie's infectious smile dominates this card and elevates a boring design.

1987 - John Cangelosi
This posed shot calls back to a simpler time. A true classic photo on a throwback wood grain design.

1988 - Harold Baines & Carlton Fisk
Fleer may have dominated the superstar cards of the eighties, but they didn't get better than this collaboration. This is a card that would have sustained many a White Sox fan during the dark times.

1989 - Robin Ventura
For a White Sox fan, this was the holy grail of 1989. It was always priced out of range back then, and always in high demand.

1990 - Frank Thomas
When you think of 1990 Topps, this is the card you picture. It was hot from its debut and still holds strong. It was enhanced further by a genuine printing error on a select few cards.


Anonymous said...

Here's my post on Kittle.

He doesn't have glasses now! It's not the same!

Johngy said...

Solid choices, but I never liked the "extra" or special cards. I love the Fisk shot, but I'd just rather have it on his regular card.

Steve Gierman said...

Awesome Kittle post!

The regular card of Fisk in the 1982 set would have gotten more consideration, but it's the same photo from his 1981 Topps Traded. That's a pet peeve of mine, when availability is there. Although, my favorite Fisk from 1982 would be Fleer. That base card looks like he's in the middle of a "Really?" moment.

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