Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Tops Of Topps White Sox: 1961 - 1970

1961 - Nellie Fox MVP
There are plenty of candidates here, but Nellie's MVP card stands out on top.

1962 - Al Smith
It's almost as if this design was made for Al's pose.

1963 - Ray Herbert
Very few cards make great use of the space provided in this design. Ray has the lanky follow through in the circle and a great close up in the main picture.

1964 - Al Weis
I'm coming down to your level. Wait! What's that behind you? And why is this trophy almost as big as I am?

1965 - Bill Skowron
The scowl of Skowron! For a fun loving guy that tells amazing and entertaining stories, he looks like a complete bad-ass!

1966 - ChiSox Clubbers
Power hitters galore! They helped drive the teams of the mid-sixties behind a powerful pitching staff.

1967 - Smoky Burgess
Nothing says the "Summer of Love" like cemetery baseball.

1968 - Jerry McNertney
Those eyes will penetrate through your very soul.

1969 - Wilbur Wood
A picture so good, that they used it in the 1968 set too!

1970 - Walt Williams
Walt Williams... COMIN' AT YA!

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