Monday, November 1, 2010

Baseball Insights

This past weekend stretched my limits. It seemed that I was off to a million bars and parties over the weekend. In reality it was only a few, but it felt like I was being whipped around like a ping pong ball.

Unique highlights included a late night hayride through the Orland area (which was FREEZING!), watching a costume contest at a bar where my friend was having his birthday party and seeing someone dressed up as an oversized Gameboy with an actual working Super Mario Bros. game in the front of the costume at another bar. Everyone was as mesmerized by playing the game as when it first came out.

Yeah, it was a pretty busy weekend. I even did candy duty for the majority of the afternoon on Halloween, with Rocky Horror playing on the television, in the background. We gave out over 300 pieces of candy and still ran out early. It's not exactly fair when half the kids aren't from the neighborhood. So, that's my excuse for not posting over the weekend. I have no excuse for the other times that happened recently.

On Friday, a package arrived from Phil. It was filled with White Sox goodies! It felt like an early Halloween present!
A boat load of oddballs and cards from my want list poured out of the package. Seventies food issues, stamps, stickers, parallels vintage tiptons and TCMA goodness were all included.

Thanks, Phil! These were much appreciated! I will be working on a return package for you shortly.

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