Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WSC Birth Years: Juan Uribe

Card #76 - Juan Uribe

Born: July 22, 1979

When Juan is in the lineup, good things usually happen. That's why Ozzie Guillen would find any way to get Uribe in the game. During his five seasons with the White Sox, Juan played at shortstop, second base, third base and designated hitter.

Although his average rarely reflected it, Uribe excelled in clutch hitting and power. He also provided above average defense when it counted. Juan's leap into the stands in the ninth inning of the fourth game of the 2005 World Series stands as one of many career highlights. With reckless abandonment, he helped preserve the one run lead in that game by snagging Chris Burke's foul ball in the seats, which brought the final out to the plate for the Astros.

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Steve Scott said...


It's great to see the UUUUU-ribe and Rowand cards in light of our recent title. I remember your Series very well, because it seems this last decade has been the decade of the end of longsuffering. I've been wondering, "Hey, when the Giants gonna get in on this action?" First the Angels, then the Red Sox, White Sox and now Giants. Either way this year, somebody would have ended it, Rangers or Giants.

Now all we need now is an Indians victory to complete the list. Oh, pardon me, how could I have forgotten the Astros? ;)

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