Friday, November 12, 2010

Card Spotlight: 11-12-10

1974 Topps #501 - Eddie Leon

One of the runner-ups for the top 1974 Topps White Sox card was Eddie Leon. In this card, you see shades of seventies greatness. There are powder blue uniforms, a confusing uniform color combination, gigantic shadows in unfortunate places, and an infielder who looks like a pitcher at a quick glance.

This could have taken the top spot, but I was more intrigued by two different players on the same team, at the same position, having the same body position in an unstaged odd picture, two decades apart. When I think of cards from 1974, or the early seventies in general, I picture odd framing and strange body contortions. Eddie Leon's card is no stranger to these qualities, so he gets this week's card spotlight.

Eddie's card is especially deceptive. It looks like a normal card, until you realize that he is a shortstop and he is at his normal position. It is a routine play, but captured with a camera, this becomes a unique offering that looks extraordinary.

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Johngy said...

Eddie Leon was one of my early favorites. So much so that I immediately took a disliking to Bucky Dent who "took his job".

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