Friday, October 3, 2008

Card Spotlight: 10-3-08

2008 UD Masterpieces #97 - Carlton Fisk SP

With news of a new Fisk card being released, how could I not make this the Card Spotlight this week? I couldn't. It was a golden opportunity to spotlight one of my favorite card releases and one of my favorite retired players. This type of opportunity doesn't come around as often anymore. At least with Fisk being in a White Sox uniform. You have to take advantage every chance you get.

The card paints a picture that I have seen countless times when Carlton was playing. He's surveying the game and making his adjustments accordingly. Perhaps he's chewing out an opposing player who's dogging it to first base. Fisk could also be glaring down his battery mate. The pitcher better not throw that piece of junk again or else.

There could be countless thoughts going through Fisk's mind in this picture. All of them are on the game that's playing out before him, even on a bad team. That's why he's in the Hall of Fame. That's why he deserves to be there.


dayf said...

Nice, I'm looking forward to this set, short prints or no short prints.

Anonymous said...

What a card

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