Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2010 Finest

What can possibly be said about Topps Finest that hasn't already been said before? Not too much. Another year of Finest and another top notch effort.

I've never had many problems with Finest. I think it's one of the most consistent sets that Topps produces every year. The set doesn't have endless cards, just a few parallels that you can ignore, if you choose to do so.

This year's solid set contains 125 base cards, 25 rookie cards and 20 autographed rookie patches. Of those 125 base cards, the White Sox have six. There are no White Sox rookie cards and there are manufactured autographed rookie patches of Tyler Flowers and Daniel Hudson.

Base cards
15 - Mark Buehrle
20 - Alexei Ramirez
67 - Jermaine Dye
68 - Paul Konerko
114 - Gordon Beckham
120 - A.J. Pierzynski

Autographed Rookie Patches
153 - Tyler Flowers
154 - Daniel Hudson

The price might be a little high for a box, but the quality is certainly there. The value in each box might be a gamble, but at least you have quality shiny cards to look at after you've opened everything.

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