Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WSC Vintage: Maurice Archdeacon

Card #14 - Maurice Archdeacon

While in the minor leagues, Maurice racked up 225 stolen bases in five years. In 1923, that was enough for a call up to the big club.

Playing parts of three seasons with the White Sox (1923-1925), Archdeacon pulled in a lifetime average of .333 in 127 games. Even though the "Flash" or "Comet", as he was nicknamed, played his last MLB game in 1925, his career in the minors began in 1919 and ended in 1932.

He only managed to steal thirteen bases in the majors, but still was able to patrol centerfield for the Sox. After Maurice's playing days were over, he became a scout for his hometown Browns team, until they moved to Baltimore.

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Unknown said...

Distant relative- first time I've ever seen a picture. Cool!

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