Friday, April 9, 2010


In the past couple weeks it seems like I've been everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I've done posts, but mostly they have been updates on custom cards. There have been other posts, but those stick out in my mind the most.

I finally tracked down a photo of the elusive Ray Shook, who only played one game, with no at-bats, in 1916. As soon as the photo was emailed to me, I had to get to work on the card and the corresponding information. How could I not? This marked the end of almost a year of searching.

The Goose Joak templates were released and I have been having a blast working with that wonderful design. I've been collecting photos during Spring Training, so it's been easier this year. Preparation always makes these type of projects easier.

A big thank you goes out to Marie for sending Sox cards. All I had to do was pay shipping. A great deal! I already spotted cards that I needed. The want lists will be updated in the next few days, hopefully.

On Wednesday, I mailed out long overdue packages to Tom and Doc T. Sorry for the delay. I've been rearranging my boxes by team and cards are everywhere! I hope to get through that project soon.

A great big thank you goes out to Noah. I received an unexpected package from him yesterday. I need to stockpile Mets. As soon as I do, expect a return package.

Most of the changes have been behind the scenes lately. I've been putting a lot of grunt work into the Facebook page and putting my two cents in on Twitter. And of course, watching baseball that counts! Every game that I can see without the MLB Network.

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