Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mailbox Joys: Dyed Silk

2007 Topps Turkey Red Silks #JD - Jermaine Dye (41/99)

Jermaine Dye may not have a place in the Major Leagues right now, but he always has a place in my collection.

I consider myself pretty savvy regarding the 2007 baseball product, but this was one I had either forgotten about or (gasp) never knew about. I started back in the hobby in 2007, so I was soaking in any and all information about the products coming out that year. Either I didn't realize there was a White Sox player in the checklist, thought this was out of my grasp, or just completely missed it.

Consider that mistake rectified.

In my hands, for under $2.00 no less, I have a framed silk mini card of Jermaine Dye in red ink. It is a wonderment of beauty, which no actual picture will do justice. The picture doesn't fully reveal the stitching running up each side or the intricate geometric patterns made by the silk.

A throwback to the early twentieth century, these cards are truly a joy and a slight luxury to have. I have been outbid on vintage silk cards before and the end results are not pretty. Many times bidding wars will ensue and the novelty of the item will cause the card to skyrocket past any actual value that would be associated.

Modern silk cards are a hit or miss. The novelty is certainly there, but value depends on where the player is in the limelight. A World Series MVP in 2005, Dye should be worth more on a card like this, but without a team this year and a steep decline in playing ability during the second half last year, this card can be picked up for a steal.

Time will be the ultimate decider for Dye's silk card. A few years after retirement, this card will probably go for more. With the freshness of a less than stellar season, it certainly impacts the prices of his cards, the 2007 Turkey Red Silk being no exception. There are 98 others out there. Number 41 will not be among them.


Motherscratcher said...

That's a nice card. All Turkey Reds are nice. One of my favorite products.

Dye could be playing. It's not that teams won't sign him. The problem is he thinks he's worth more than the teams do.

I can't say I'm sad to see him not in the White Sox uni this year. That guy sure killed my Tribe.

night owl said...

I have a Dye silk card. I've been reluctant to trade it, but I'm thinking the time is arriving if you have something I might really like.

Steve Gierman said...

I'll have to dig up something really special for a silk. I'll keep you posted.

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