Friday, April 2, 2010

Card Spotlight: 4-2-10

2001 Donruss Classics #93 - Carlos Lee

This card is Tracey's choice. I asked her to grab a binder off the shelf and pick a card that looked good. Chances were good that she wouldn't pick a card that has already been spotlighted. My hunch was correct.

I asked her why she picked this one out of all the cards in the binder. It was of a player that she hadn't heard about in awhile and no other reason was given.

This is like many cards that I tried to play catch up with, when I started to buy White Sox team sets off of eBay early last decade. I knew nothing but the Donruss name, so I purchased many of the Donruss Classics Sox sets, but strangely enough, not this particular set.

I'm not sure exactly how or when I acquired this card, but I'm sure it was through a trade. Sometimes a card just doesn't have an interesting story attached to it. No memory that recalls the joy or frustration of collecting. Sometimes it's just random. Sometimes it takes someone else to point out a card in your collection that you overlook. Other times, I'm just lazy and feel like putting my faith in someone I love to choose a card wisely, completely at random.

My one thought of Carlos Lee, just days before Opening Day, is one of happiness and neglect. If it wasn't for Carlos Lee leaving the Sox through trade, the White Sox may not have won the World Series in 2005. Many other deals made that dream a reality, but this was one of the big ones.

I see a similar path during this past offseason. The Sox are taking chances on a number of guys and have cut ties with many fan favorite players. Will it work out the same way? Only time will tell on that one. We shall find out in October.

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