Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cards That Never Were #16

1985 Topps - Mike LaValliere

Few people realize that Spanky started out on the Phillies. He appeared in six games with the Fightin' Phils, mustering nine plate appearances, two walks and zero hits, in the 1984 season.

By the start of the 1985 season, he found himself on the St. Louis Cardinals. From there, Mike would become a minor star in Pittsburgh and finish out his solid career in Chicago.

I can certainly understand why LaValliere didn't get a card with the Phillies (unless Mike was in a regional set), but that hasn't stopped card companies before.

Unless my eyes deceive me, this shot of Spanky was taken at Wrigley Field. If that is the case, this photograph was taken either on September 10, 1984 or September 11, 1984, which were the only two days that Mike was with the Phillies in Chicago.


Orioles Magic said...

I really like what you are doing with these Steve. There are so many Orioles that I wish would've received cards that didn't. Cool stuff man.

Steve Gierman said...

If you can compile a list, please e-mail it to me and I'll see what I can do. If you happen to have any photos of those players that haven't been on a card, feel free to e-mail those too!


Johngy said...


Jim said...

Great work. I searched for a good picture of Spanky in a Phillies uniform for a custom 1984 Topps card, but I couldn't find anything useful. I ended up using a picture of him with the Cardinals and blanking out the STL logo on the hat. Frankly, it looks awful.

Glad to see he finally has a decent Phillies card after so many years!

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