Thursday, April 29, 2010

WSC Vintage: Wally Moses

Card #16 - Wally Moses

When Wally was traded to the White Sox on December 9, 1941, he was four years past his best year (1937) and exactly two years past a voided trade to the Detroit Tigers. The aborted trade could have made the difference in the 1940 World Series. Instead, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis decided to nullify the proposed trade. This was one of many baffling decisions made during the tyrannical reign of baseball's first commissioner.

Moses took the opportunity to play in Chicago to heart. He showed off his speed by posting a career-high mark in 1943 with 56 stolen bases. Wally also co-led the league in triples that year, with Johnny Lindell of the New York Yankees, slugging 12.

Wally led the league in putouts in 1945 with 329. He also led the league with 35 doubles that year. It seemed to be a period of resurgence for Moses, as he finally made it back to the All-Star game. His first trip since 1937.

On July 23, 1946, Wally was purchased by the Boston Red Sox. He batted .417 and tied a World Series record with four hits in a game. Despite this, he was released after the season. He finished his career, where it began, with the Philadelphia Athletics in 1951.

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