Thursday, April 29, 2010

Watashi O Tetsudatte Moraemasenka?

I figured that someone who can understand the title of this post might be able to help me find this card. To my understanding this translates as a polite way of saying "Could you help me?"

This is a 1995 BBM Bobby Thigpen card. I let it slip through my fingers once. I do not intend on making the same mistake twice.

Part of the problem stems from this card being part of a Japanese release. Unless the name on the card translates to Ichiro Suzuki, chances are that the card will not be readily available in the States. This would likely be the crown jewel in my Thigpen collection.

If anyone knows a place where I can find this, please leave a suggestion in the comments section.

UPDATE: In early 2011, I finally obtained this card! Now, the only card left to seek out is Thigpen's 1995 Takara Fukuoka Daiei Hawks card.


Anonymous said...

skaneko on eBay is pretty good about selling non-Ichiro Japanese cards. Maybe you could try contacting him and see if he can track it down for you...

Jason Presley said...

Using's proxy bidding service, I've filled a lot of my Bernardo Brito, Hensley Meulens and Tuffy Rhodes wantlists on Yahoo Auctions Japan and I recently snagged a 1995 BBM Japan Series Dan Gladden card from Mitchael Trading for another collector, but they don't have the Thigpen listed at the moment.

Those are the two best resources I've found so far for single Japanese cards older than 2005.

Steve Gierman said...

Thanks for the advice everyone! Hopefully, that will lead to finding the card!

Jason Presley said... has the Thigpen listed under the Gaijin section. You might email him first to make sure it's still in stock, I've had the occasion where something listed on the site was unavailable.

Also, Thigpen also had a card in the 1995 Takara Fukuoka Daiei Hawks set. Those don't turn up as singles very often, and it might be a touch pricy since there is a Johjima rookie in the set.

Steve Gierman said...

I inquired about one, but I never heard anything back.

Another Japan Thigpen card to chase? Cool!

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