Friday, April 23, 2010

Card Spotlight: 4-23-10

1909-11 T206 - Fielder Jones (hands on hips)

A note to the 2010 Chicago White Stockings: Fielder Jones says, "Man up and tough it out." Look at that face. This is the face of a player/manager that you do not want to cross.

"You have the hitting and the pitching of the gods themselves. When I managed the 1906 team, I took them to the World Series and catawamptiously chewed up the crosstown rivals, giving them the thrashing that they deserved. It is a huckleberry above my persimmon to cipher out how we manged without a mighty grist of hitting displays. What's your excuse?"

Despite facing a heavy hitting Cubs team, the Sox won the 1906 World Series against their favored city rivals.

"My career in the Major Leagues ended after the 1908 season. These advertising trade cards did not arrive until 1909. The tobacco companies did not have to include me. Not by a jugful! Yet I warranted two different cards. Can anyone say that about any of you, when you go into retiracy?"

If Ozzie Guillen can't inspire the Sox, maybe Fielder Jones can.

"The last time I hit over .300 was in aught-two and I still managed to make this team cap the climax. No player absquatulated on me. Some of my players were mere guttersnipe when they came to me. When they got on base, they pulled foot! We would use those designs to exfluncticate the opponent with greased lightning."

Do not cross Fielder Jones. He can be quite ornery when it comes to the game of sport.

"Be skeery and heed my caution. Approach the season across lots and play full chisel like a rip-stavur. Do not pucker and sour on the picayune balderdash. Do not spend your time backing and filling or you will come out at the little end of the horn and have to ride out on the rail at first candle light."

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