Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cards That Never Were #18

1975 Topps - Jerry Moses

Wait a minute. Doesn't Jerry Moses have a card in the 1975 Topps set? The answer is... yes. Unfortunately, that card of Jerry is on the Detroit Tigers, a team that he played on last in 1974.

Jerry was purchased by the New York Mets in January 1975. Moses never played a single game for the Mets, but was purchased by the San Diego Padres in April 1975. Jerry played in 13 games for the Friars.

Then, in July 1975, Jerry was purchased by the Chicago White Sox, where he appeared in the last two games of his Major League career.

As a result of not playing his first game of 1975 until May 7th, Jerry was denied a proper team designated card. If there was a traded set in 1975, more than likely the team choice would have been the White Sox.

Coming later in the series... a 1975 Topps Jerry Moses White Sox card.


Johngy said...

Great work. You never cease to amaze me. A Moses White Sox card? Can't wait!

night owl said...

Glad you used the right color border. Not that yellow-blue thing Topps used with Moses.

PunkRockPaint said...

I love Padres cards! I wish everyone was on a Padres card! I like saying Padres! Padres! Woo!

Ahhhh, the beginning of the season: when everyone but Orioles fans have hope.

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