Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mackowiak Is Back

Recognize this smiling face? I sure do! I was a classmate with him for three years in high school. Then, I saw him in a less than stellar stint with the White Sox.

Tempting fate, Rob is back in Chicago, this time with the Cubs. Mackowiak is the Cubs new utility outfielder. Injuries to Tyler Colvin and Xavier Nady made this a necessity.

"Soriano might not last 162 games. Fukudome can't play in April and Byrd can't carry the load of three outfielders. Robby was our obvious choice", said Lou Piniella.

"Adduci is not ready yet and the less said about Fuld, the better", chimed bench coach Alan Trammell.

Veteran Derrek Lee has been impressed. "I hated going to Pittsburgh, when I was with Florida. Mack would find a way to beat us. I'm glad I never had to face a team of Macks."

Upon hearing the news of his former whipping boy being back in Chicago, Ozzie Guillen (never at a loss for words) said, "Mackowiak a good kid. He play pretty s****y for me, but the kid has heart. I take him over Anderson."

It looks like there will be a redemption of sorts for Rob Mackowiak in Chicago. Not bad for someone who couldn't make Cleveland's roster last year. In baseball, they take care of their own and Rob has his second chance.

OK, I couldn't think of anything to top the Zambrano to the White Sox post from last year. So to make it up to you, here's Rob Mackowiak's Junior year yearbook photo, from back in 1993.

Happy April Fool's Day!

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