Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WSC Birth Years: Ehren Wassermann

Card #79 - Ehren Wassermann

Born: December 6, 1980

Ehren's unique delivery is more in tune with discus competitions than baseball, but it's this style of delivery that makes him an effective reliever. Wassermann made his debut in July 20, 2007, with the White Sox. He finished 2007 with a stellar 2.74 ERA in 33 games.

Things did not work out as well in 2008 for Ehren. His final totals included a surprising 7.78 ERA in 24 games. Wassermann did not return to the parent club in 2009. By the 2010 season, he found himself in the Philadelphia Phillies organization. To date, his last game was September 26, 2008, right in the thick of a pennant race that went down to the wire.


Orioles Magic said...

I don't think that I've ever seen Ehren pitch, but I have a thing for sidewinding deliveries, so it looks like I might be a fan of his.

Unknown said...

Wassermann's got a crazy side-winding delivery that's wicked, especially on righties, when he's in control. He was out for much of the season on the DL. Let's hope he's healthy in 2011.

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