Thursday, August 6, 2009

Killebrew Called Off

For my next "Cards That Never Were" project, I was going to tackle the long neglected, non-existent 1976 Topps Harmon Killebrew. With Twitter down this morning, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to get it done.

I'm glad I decided to check out the other blogs this morning. Someone beat me to it, along with the "Cards That Never Were" moniker on it. Check out the handiwork from Baseball Card Recollections here.

Congrats to Doc! You did a bang up job with the Killebrew card. I liked the Aaron cards that you did earlier too. Those were on my list to do, but I haven't started to look for resource materials on the Hank Aaron yet.

It looks like I have some tough competition in the "Cards That Never Were" business. Despite what Topps would have you believe today, competition is healthy and a necessary part to push forward new innovations.


Doc said...

Thank you for the kudos!

I hope my attempt at a 76 Killer card will not deter you from creating your own, nor from creating any other "cards that never were."

I enjoy seeing what other collector's takes are on the various aspects of the hobby. So, I encourage you to keep doing your great work, too.

Also, I'll scan your want lists and see if I can find some oddball White Sox cards for your collection.

Thanks again!
Doc T

Steve Gierman said...

Not at all! I'm very happy to have someone else tackle these long neglected cards too. Great minds tend to think alike and I've really enjoyed what you've done so far. I hope you keep at it, as well. You have a knack for these types of cards.

The greatest challenge is in finding unique pictures to create these cards and I like seeing what photos others come up with.

I may do a Killer '76 card later down the line, but I like to put some distance on things like that, so each example can shine in its own light and have its own time in the spotlight.

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