Friday, April 30, 2010

Card Spotlight: 4-30-10

1975 Topps Mini #35 - Ron Santo

I'm going to Wrigley today to see the Diamondbacks. How can I pass up a free ticket to a baseball game? So, what better way to commemorate this experience by showing a Cubs legend in a White Sox uniform.

I really want to like Ron Santo. I really do. He makes it really hard sometimes. Listening to the Cubs radio broadcasts are sometimes like listening to a dramatic reading of the Steinbeck classic, "Of Mice And Men".

Pat Hughes is a competent and intelligent announcer. He makes thoughtful observations and has a pleasant voice. Ron Santo says, "Yeah", after what seems like an eternity of radio silence.

I really feel for the guy though. I've heard about his struggle with diabetes and it breaks my heart to see someone go through all that pain and suffering. Many stories have been told about keeping the disease a secret, except for his teammates and having occasional near-disasters on the field because of low blood sugar. I feel bad for Ron Santo.

Then, I hear about his refusal to broadcast games in New York against the Mets. He certainly knows how to hold a grudge. It was forty-one years ago that the Mets passed up the Cubs on their way to a World Series victory, Ron. Get over it! The black cat didn't cause the Cubs to swoon, the inept defense did your team in. It probably didn't help that you were quick to criticize your teammate, Don Young, after he made key errors... on July 8th!

Pettiness is pretty selfish to hold onto for over forty years. I'll be sitting near the booth today. Hopefully, I can enjoy the game in peace. The more I hear about the 1969 Cubs, the more I think that it's been overblown into some mythological beast. The '69 Cubs lost the pennant by 8 games and the slump began over two months before the season ended. It's not quite the lost season everyone would have you believe. Still, if the Cubs went .500 that September, it might have been close.


Twins Baseball Love said...

You have a great blog, do you ever write about Minnesota Twins players or cards?

Johngy said...

Very well said!

Hackenbush said...

I really wish Ron would have just retired so this card wouldn't exist. I do have it my collection, though. Say what you will about his broadcasting skills but Santo does really love the Cubs and their fans and I think he and Pat have fun. I do differ from Ron in that I've gotten over the lost season. I even collect 1969 Mets autographs. Anyone have a spare one of Gil Hodges. Yeah, right!

Steve Gierman said...

I've been known to wax poetic about every team and several players. There should be some Twins stuff on the blog this year, as I go through my favorite cards of other teams.

There's no doubt that he has fun and that Santo loves his Cubbies. I actually have a deep respect and admiration for him because of that. It just sometimes it feels like he wants to push everyone but Cubs fans away from liking him. I do think that the picture on the '75 card was the only smile he ever displayed in a Sox uniform.

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