Friday, August 6, 2010

Across The Miles... A Package From John

When I see a package stamped "Royal Mail", it can only mean one thing... another awesome package from the proprietor of The Pursuit of 80's(ness), John!

I never know what to expect when I open a package from John. This one was no different. I found a whole mess of 1968 Topps and 1977 Topps cards. Unfortunately, I've completed those sets. The good news is that eventually, these vintage cards will make other area White Sox fans very happy. I think I may also get a couple upgrades out of the vintage cards. All in all, I'm very appreciative of the cards. That was exhilarating to see cards from 1968 pop out of an envelope!

Out of all the cards that came, I needed six. Those six are cards that have outwitted me all year long.

2010 Topps Attax
("sitting at home") Jermaine Dye
("streaky") Carlos Quentin
("defensive upgrade") Alexei Ramirez
("often injured") Jake Peavy

2010 Topps Heritage
124 - ("recently departed") Daniel Hudson
257 - ("defensive liability?") Carlos Quentin

Thanks, John! I appreciate the continued packages. When I get a good stack of Red Sox together, I will send over a package to you.


jackplumstead said...

Man I am really sorry! Just goes to show that you check wants lists.

Steve Gierman said...

No problem. Even if I have them, it's always interesting to receive vintage cards! :-)

I know some other White Sox fans that will really flip for them, so no worries. Plus, you sent six cards that I needed. For that I am super grateful!

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