Monday, August 2, 2010

A Quick Thanks

Last week, amid gong to two White Sox games and a concert to see my fiancee's cousin's band play, I received a package in the mail from Mark at Stats On The Back.

To be honest, I can't recall if I asked for these or not. It has completely slipped my mind. Irregardless, Mark should be on the lookout sometime in the near future for a return package with something off the want list.

Looking at the back of one of the cards, Donruss was very correct in its proclamation that Tom Seaver was a future Hall of Famer. By 1985, I think it was apparent to even an infant that Tom Terrific belonged in the Hall someday. It's very cool to see that his 15th Opening Day start was a highlight and a record.

Here's the cards that Mark sent over.

1985 Donruss Highlights #1 - Tom Seaver
1985 Fleer #513 - Carlton Fisk
1996 Donruss #1 - Frank Thomas
1999 Baseball America #26 - JOE CREDE!!!
2005 Bowman Gold #16 - Jermaine Dye
2010 Topps CYMTO #CMT-5 - Luis Aparicio (normal back)

I can never hear Joe Crede's name without hearing Hawk Harrelson's JOE CREDE call where he almost blew out his larynx, so I must type-shout JOE CREDE here.

Thanks, Mark! These were cool and thoughtful, as usual.

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