Friday, August 27, 2010

Card Spotlight: 8-27-10

2007 SP Rookie Edition #62 - Bobby Jenks

Is Bobby Jenks a polarizing figure? He sure is. Whether it's off the field remarks from his early playing days or his recent struggles on the field, Bobby causes a strong reaction.

After the last few years, fans were starting to wonder if the old Jenks would come back. He never really left. He just had to deal with some injuries. I can remember a number of games in 2009, where Jenks would get the first two batters out, load the bases, then barely escape the ninth with the lead. Something wasn't quite right.

In the past few weeks, Bobby has seemed to regain some of his old swagger along with some of his old velocity. I think it's high time that we remember Jenks again with a nice looking card from a half baked set. Enter 2007 SP Rookie Edition.

Featuring a player who has worked solidly in three seasons isn't my idea of "rookie", but whatever. The trouble comes long after Jenks is passed up in the set. The players that are much closer to rookie each have multiple cards based off of earlier SP card designs. The whole idea is confusing at first, until you put together the pattern. In fact, that's probably a good analogy for Jenks the past few years. See? It all works out through cards.

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