Sunday, August 1, 2010

WSC Vintage: Ray Morehart

Card #18 - Ray Morehart

Ray made his MLB debut with the White Sox on August 9, 1924, as part of a double-header. While Morehart started his career as a shortstop, he moved over to second base during his second season with the White Sox, in 1926.

On August 31, 1926, Ray set a rookie record with nine hits in a double-header at Navin Field in Detroit. He slugged five hit in the first game and four in the second. Morehart was still considered a rookie, since he did not have enough qualifying appearances in his brief stint with Chicago in 1924.

As impressive as that sounds, the biggest moments of his career would lie ahead, after a trade away from the Pale Hose. On January 13, 1927, Ray was traded to the Yankees. Sharing playing time at second base for arguably one of the greatest teams in Major League history was likely something Ray remembered for the rest of his life.

Morehart never played in the majors after 1927, but he hung around the minors until 1933.

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