Sunday, August 22, 2010

WSC Vintage: Johnny Dickshot

Card #21 - Johnny Dickshot

Johnny's started his career with the minor league Dubuque Tigers of the Mississippi Valley League in 1930. He broke through to the majors with the Pirates in 1936 before being traded to the Boston Bees in 1938. A few months after that trade, Dickshot was purchased by the New York Giants, where he played ten games before he was purchased by the Hollywood Stars in 1941.

He was still with the Stars when he was purchased by the White Sox in September 1943. It was in Chicago, not far from his hometown of Waukegan, where Johnny Dickshot shined. He played solidly for the White Sox and put up a career year in 1945. Johnny hit .302 with four home runs and 58 RBI that year.

Dickshot's nickname was "ugly" because of his boasting that he was the "ugliest man in baseball". After playing with the minor league Milwaukee Brewers in 1947, he opened up a bar called the Dugout in Waukegan, Illinois. His last public appearance in the MLB came in June 1994, when he threw out the first pitch at Comiskey Park before a White Sox game.

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