Sunday, August 15, 2010


Yes, this series against the Tigers was more embarrassing than shorts. Especially the Sunday game. As the bullpen played different versions of Brutus (sans Chis Sale) to Ozzie Guillen's Caesar, Andruw Jones gave his very best Guy Hawkes impression in center field. He did redeem himself somewhat with the bat, but the floodgates opened up with some interesting tracking in the outfield.

The Tigers did their best to hand the game to the Sox on multiple occasions, yet the Sox would only seem to bite when it wasn't in their best interests. There were fireworks galore with home runs, but the pitching gave it right back to the Tigers. The Tigers weren't exactly the 1927 Yankees out there today, as they made routine plays seem more difficult than advanced calculus.

Hopefully, the Sox will be able to regroup and arrive in Minnesota refreshed, relaxed, with a new purpose. If the Sox are intent on revisiting April, they may as well concede now. I'm not expecting the same run of June, but these are the mistakes of a tired team or one that has given up. The easy thing to do would be to blame the return of Mark Teahen. That's just stupid. Those looking at the numbers will note the less than impressive record of the 2010 White Sox with Teahen in the lineup. It's not that cut and dry.

This upcoming series in Minnesota will be the litmus test. If the Sox fail there, they might as well take to wearing shorts to distract people from the product on the field. Here's hoping that this is just a normal bump in the road and not the Sox returning to earth, only to crash and burn upon reentry.


dayf said...

Speaking of embarrassing, I just saw this post at A Pack to Be Named Later. :)

Don't sweat it yet, plenty of baseball to be played including six more head to head games with Minnesota.

Steve Gierman said...

Yeah, I originally hit the wrong "new post" button in the dashboard. I quickly realized my mistake, hit copy/paste, and deleted said entry from APTBNL. I guess it was appropriately titled. :-)

It just a lot of frustration from today's game pouring out. The game was won two or three times and then they handed it right back to Detroit. It's only August, but games like that one today grate every last nerve sometimes.

SportsCardGirl said...

the game has not ended.. better wait..

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