Monday, August 9, 2010

Garage Saling

This is the season of garage sales, so who knows what treasures lurk just waiting to be found by you. The only baseball card related item I found was a stack of 1987 Topps Tippy Martinez cards. I passed. I already had five at the time. As much as I love me some Tippy, even I have limits.

I know people find good stuff all the time. I just haven't experienced that pure bliss for myself, yet.

How many people would pass this box over not knowing what was inside? If you didn't read what it was, I could see someone thinking the contents had something to do with the circus or popcorn. I could see someone who glanced at this dismissing the box as unimportant.

One day, I'll find a bargain like this. Until then, does anybody have any good stories on finding good cards for a bargain in unexpected places?


Jason T. Carter said...

My mother-in-law has picked up several shoeboxes for me over the years, but rarely is anything exceptional found inside. But for a dollar or two, it's worth the gamble.

Jason T. Carter said...

Although non-baseball related, I did get an old Star Wars "Ewoks" board game from the 1980s for a quarter once. :)

Doc said...

Back in the early 90s, my Dad and I went garage sale-ing (is that a verb?) in rural Indiana looking for cards. One lady had a stack of 62 Topps for sale at a penny a piece. There must have been about 500 or so. I told her what they were and suggested she take them back inside the house. She about fainted when she realized what they were "worth." She thanked me and immediately returned them to the house. I just couldn't and still can't pull a snow job on an old lady.

On the flip side, I've seen a complete set of 89 Score for $, no thanks.

Steve Gierman said...

Great stories! Thanks!

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