Friday, August 6, 2010

WSC Birth Years: J.J. Putz

Card #65 - J.J. Putz

Born: February 22, 1977

J.J. is set to rival his best seasons in Seattle, this year, with the White Sox. Putz may not be a closer anymore, but he still has closer stuff. Stepping into the late inning role, J.J. succeeds where others have failed.

In 2010, he set a franchise record with 27 consecutive scoreless appearances. With that kind of a pitcher in the late innings, it's any wonder that the Sox have been in or around first place for most of the summer.

It's a bit of a delayed homecoming this season for Putz. The Chicago White Sox originally drafted J.J. in 1995, but he ended up not signing. In a way, he's right back where he belongs and flourishing because of it.

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