Friday, August 20, 2010

A Trade With The Tigers

It's always a pleasure to be part of someone's first trade. Depending on how that trade goes, it could turn someone into a lifelong trader or turn them off completely. At this stage of my collecting, I'm really only interested in one team and certain players. I no longer have an eBay store, so I don't have to divide my pack finds in half. When at all possible, I try to throw in extra stuff. It's harder with teams like the Red Sox, Braves and Yankees, to name three. There seems to be an abundant of traders for those teams. It's only natural that I would have less to offer, potentially, since those cards go out to all corners of the globe during trades. It usually takes longer to replenish stock of those teams and a few others.

Enough about the intricacies of trading. There was a purpose for latching onto that topic. I was able to complete a trade with a first timer, the other day. John, from My Detroit Tigers Baseball Cards, asked if I was interested in trading for a Paul Konerko All-Star jersey card. Obviously, you know that the trade was successful. I wouldn't be writing about a failed trade.

As I got word that my package to John arrived, he told me that I should be expecting a return package shortly. That package arrived in today's mail. Here's what the envelope contained.

1981 Donruss #138 - Rich Dotson
1984 Topps #480 - Ron Kittle (2)
1988 Fleer #393 - Daryl Boston
1988 Fleer #394 - Ivan Calderon
1988 Fleer #395 - Jose DeLeon
1988 Fleer Glossy #401 - Bob James
1998 Pacific Home Run Hitters #5 - Frank Thomas
1998 Studio Masterstrokes #19 - Frank Thomas (0707/1000)
2004 Topps #19 - Aaron Rowand
2006 Topps Update All-Star Stitches #AS-PK - Paul Konerko
2008 Upper Deck X #26 - Carlos Quentin
2010 Bowman Gold #19 - Jake Peavy
2010 Topps #358 - Mark Buehrle
2010 Topps Gold #259 - Daniel Hudson (0693/2010)

Thanks, John! The Konerko card was everything I imagined it would be and the bonus cards were a nice surprise. Hopefully, this will start you off on a journey of many future trades with the blogging community.

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John Sharp said...

Thanks again Steve, I can still see those ChiSox softball uni's of the '70s...the Tigers and ChiSox have a very long history, and it was great to do the trade with you. The Freehan cards were great.

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