Thursday, November 11, 2010

Alexei Wins A Silver Slugger

Congratulations to Alexei Ramirez on his Silver Slugger award!!!
Yes. I'm aware that there is nary a bat in sight of Alexei on this card.
Thank all the people who voted for Derek Jeter's Gold Glove.


John Bateman said...

It was kind of a weak year for SS in the AL

Anonymous said...

A half dozen shortstops were potentially robbed by Jeter's win. Impressive, considering he doesn't really have the range to rob many hits these days.

Alexei, Cliff Pennington, Andrus, and especially Cesar Izturis were all *much* better choices than Jeter, & I've heard a couple other names floated out there as well. :(

Steve Gierman said...

Can't argue with either comment.

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