Wednesday, March 23, 2011

1931 W517

These 3 inch by 4 inch cards are generally found in a sepia color, but other color variations are known to exist. They were originally sold as a strip of three cards. The majority of these that have been found have been cut into individual cards.

The card backs are blank, but there is a handy number on the front. The front of the card also lists player name, city and league affiliation.

Unlike some lesser strip issues, the W517 series uses photographs, which greatly enhances the value to collectors, if only for a better window into the time period.

The entire set consists of fifty-four cards and four variations, but only four of those cards feature White Sox players.

5a - Chalmer Cissell
13 - Willie Kamm
43 - Art Shires
45 - Ted Lyons

The Chalmer Cissell card can be found in two variations. The first is a Chicago team designation. The second is a Cleveland moniker. Both hold equal value.

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