Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30 Day Horror Challenge: Day 7

Well, this rounds out a solid week of horror movies. This entry has to do with supernatural forces. There are a ton of great films that could fit this category and this one had a lot of debate. There are so many worthy candidates that it seems almost unfair to choose just one. Almost.

Your favorite supernatural horror movie.
The Evil Dead (1981)

Demons? Check. Possession? Check. Book of the dead? Check!

This film could have ended up cheesy. It could have been really bad. The story starts out with five teenagers spending the weekend in an isolated cabin in the woods. Sound cliche enough? The "acting" here is a little suspect, but you have to remember that this was done with a cast of relatively unknowns. The typical teenage cabin start with the typical teenage movie lines seems to only be there to lull your senses into boredom, so you are never quite prepared for what lies ahead.

Teenagers in horror movies do stupid things as a rule. This movie is no exception. Instead of reading incantations from a book, it is lovingly provided for them on audiotape and of course they play it. There wouldn't be a movie if the teens didn't play the tape.

What follows is a slow build up leading to one of the cleverest uses of a forest ever filmed for a horror movie. One by one, the teens die off and become possessed by the demons. By the end of the film, you are totally engrossed in what is happening on the screen. It's a slow kill, but this movie will hook you.

There have been sequels, comic books and countless other media blitzes to capture on the success of Bruce Campbell and his character Ash. All are good in their own way, but this is the beginning. The go for broke movie that started a cult hero.

"Now the sun will be up in an hour or so, and we can all get out of here together. You, me, Linda, Shelly. Hmm... Well... not Shelly, she? We'll all be going home together. Wouldn't you like to be going home? I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you, Scott?"


Anonymous said...

I need to watch this one again. I hated it last time I saw it, so if I like it this time, it can be used later on my list. LOL

Matt F. said...

You have to make room for Birdemic on your is so good/yet bad.

Steve Gierman said...

Haven't seen Birdemic, but it sounds like it would be worth a watch.

LoCoDe said...

The sad thing about the Evil Dead's is how it seems to be re-released every 2nd month in some new packaging format.
There must be 25 different video releases. Imagine being a completist collector?

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