Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Diamonds, Gold, Copper And Micro

When I sent off a few used Diamond Code cards and a couple of well placed Cubbies to JayBee of the spectacular bdj610's Topps Baseball Card Blog, I had no idea what to expect in return. Frankly, I would have been happy with a smile on JayBee's face as my reward, but I got some awesome cards too.
That itsy bitsy, teeny tiny, little speck in the center of the picture is a 1991 Topps Micro card of Eric King. I have only recently been brave enough to explore the option of these minuscule parallels and being thrust into the water by another blogger's generous supply of 1993 Micro cards, it doesn't seem as scary or as impossible anymore.

I may be fool for going after the gold parallel set of any Topps year, but I am close in enough to continue the pursuit of fool's gold. What better to fuel my fix for pyrite than a 2009 Brian Anderson Topps Gold card? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing!

That is unless you count copper. I'm not sure how copper ever trumps gold in the real world, but in the Topps world, copper is a much rarer commodity. A 2010 Topps Copper card of Mark Buehrle will always be welcomed.

What say you? Faux metals aren't your thing? Huzzah! 2011 Diamond Anniversary parallels of Omar Vizquel and Brent Morel will certainly fit the quota. All shiny and sparkly. I can mesmerize Charlie Sheen for hours just by tilting these cards back and forth. Amazing.

To top it all off, a new and improved Smelloscope uh, I mean, ToppsTown features Manny Ramirez's back after what I assume to be a strikeout. Even the ToppsTown card is shiny and distracting.

Thanks, JayBee! These cards were awesome! Thanks for a great trade and as you predicted, I loved what you sent over.


capewood said...

I actually own the 1991 Topps micro set. I happened to see it on sale at Toys R Us that year. I think I payed $10 for it.

Steve Gierman said...

Nice! The years that these were offered I was in high school and I had thought the baseball card stock had dried up at Toys R Us. Only now do I see the folly of my thinking.

capewood said...

I also bought the 1991 Upper Deck Final Edition set there as well.

Steve Gierman said...

I was looking all over for that back in 1991. To think it was all at Toys R Us. LOL

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