Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mailbox Joys: A Steal Home

2005 Upper Deck Reflections Purple #275 - Sean Tracey (72/99)

I don't have too much in the PayPal account right now, but I do browse and dream on eBay. When I see something that is too good to pass up, I weigh my options quickly, make a decision and move on. If that decision is to make a bid, I always expect to be outbid at the very last moment. I refuse to get into a bidding war, especially when funds are so low.

On a rare occasion, I end up winning. When that miracle occurs, I wonder how the seller makes any money off of it. All the fees and fickle buyers equated disaster for my eBay business. Instead of beating around the bush, I'll just get to the meat of the post. I got this card for a quarter. Twenty-five cents. That in itself is pretty good, but the real steal was free shipping. Yeah. I only spent a quarter to win this card and have it shipped. Let that sink in for a moment.

The card is pristine. It was encased in a penny sleeve and a top loader, which was inside a team bag. All of this arrived in a very secure bubble mailer. All for twenty-five cents. I'm shocked, to say the least. Even more amazing is that the card arrived in three days. The icing on the cake is that I actually outbid someone for this card. Strange things are afoot at the old eBay.

This proves that if you are diligent, you can find good bargains on eBay. Sometimes, you can bring a steal home.


Anonymous said...

Wow, so the seller ended up paying for feedback in this case. Good deal for you.

- Paul

longlivethewho said...

Same thing happened to me... won a card for 27 cents. Only the seller shipped in PWE. Can you share the name of the seller?

Steve Gierman said...

The seller was very quick with positive feedback, so I'm guessing they care more about building up their rep right now.

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