Saturday, March 12, 2011

How Can You Help?

As the ritual pans out each spring, I can find photographic evidence of the majority of the White Sox players during camp. The remaining players are usually minor league players who are either getting a look or filling out the spring roster. They still get into games, sometimes very frequently, but for one reason or another no one seems to photograph these players.

I'm actually pretty decent at hunting down White Sox photographs, but some players still elude me. How can you help?If you should run across a decent looking photo of one of these missing players, taken at 2011 Spring Training, please send it to me. You will get a "photo found by" credit when the corresponding Cactus League card appears on the blog and will receive a link to your blog, if applicable. Maybe you know a photographer who has covered some of the games. Maybe you have attended a game and took some awesome photos of these players. Maybe you have a secret entrance to a cache of Spring Training photos that I have not discovered.

Time is running out for these players. Cuts are being made and the opportunity is growing slimmer by the day to obtain a photo of them in uniform.

These are the players who I have yet to find, in uniform, during 2011 Spring Training.

Drew Garcia
Seth Loman
Jose Martinez
Greg Paiml
Michael Restovich Found by Chewing Liquorice!
C.J. Retherford
Tyler Saladino
Luis Sierra
Miguel Socolovich
Daniel Wagner
Austin Yount

The photos must not have any watermarks and must be in uniform, during 2011 Spring Training. It also needs to be larger than a thumbnail picture to be successfully used.

Help me to properly finish this custom set.


Anonymous said...

Have you checked

Steve Gierman said...

Every day. That's where I found a good chunk of the photos that I've utilized.

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